Revenue Account Manual for Village Panchayat

This software is developed by Sheth Construction Group for the first time in Gujarat State. This software quickly & precisely calculates all taxes and prepares all required reports in particular Government format. If this accounting has been done manually than it will take Two or Three months to prepare all reports of more than thousand records. While by using this software Government Officer (Talati Cum Mantri) can prepare all 1 to 11 Revenue Manuals in just few days.

Uses of this particular program are:

  Annual calculations related to revenue

 Demand Invoices Taxes related to Kheti/ Binkheti according to the government laws

 Keeping of the Collection and related records

Features of this particular program are:

 Primary details such as Taxes, 8-A Accounts as well as their information related to previous pending or access etc. needs to be entered only once.

 There after only changes needs to be done according to the current taxes and the receipt, by which calculation for the whole year gets done by itself.