Akarani And Panchayat Vera Collection Program

This software quickly & precisely calculates all Assessment of property tax & demand year by year.
The primary details needs to be entered once only from which the further calculations can be made easily. Multiple entries can be made on the name of same owner as well and the demand is calculated accordingly.
BPL registration can be made as well using the same software from where we can get List of BPL, the Certificate etc.

Features of this program:

  Demand is generated from the main details of Assessment

  On the base of demand, cash receipt can be generated

  Collection receipt is generated from the collection made.

  Village Form No.7 & 8 can be prepared

  Details of BPL Beneficiary can be entered and the Certificate can be generated as well

  If cash receipt is more than the demand than that amount can be added as access receipt for the next year

  Demand Register, Demand Notice, Collection Register, BPL Beneficiary Register, Akarani Certificate etc. reports are automatically generated.

  Village's general information is auto updated from the information obtained from last conducted survey of family details.